Lunun Gin Scores High in Scotlands Best Gin Article

If you're a fan of spirits, wines and fine dining, you'll want to check out the latest article from Falstaff magazine where Falstaff rounded up 21 of the best Scottish Gins.

Falstaff, one of the world's most respected wine and spirits publications, recently praised our signature Lunun gin as one of the top Scottish gins scoring an impressive 98 points in their recent roundup of the best 21 gins from both cult and classic producers in Scotland.

After sampling, the author emphasised the uniqueness of Lunun gin's use of botanicals, particularly commenting on the Asian botanicals used by Chef Dean Banks from his skills in Asian-inflected cooking from his travels across the globe.

In particular, the article praised Lunun for its subtle use of "Sichuan pepper, kombu, ginger and brightening lemongrass flavours".


Keen to find out more?  Check out the full article here! 

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