Jamberry Gin Liqueur

Jamberry Gin Liqueur

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''Summer in a Glass''

50cl, 17% ABV

Scottish strawberry juice, rhubarb & lemongrass

Luscious and vibrant, the full flavour of fresh, locally sourced strawberries shines through. Distilled with less sugar than standard, Jamberry gin liqueur is sweet without being sickly, allowing the natural ingredients to speak for themselves. 


A perfect blend of flavours created by Chef Dean Banks: the intensity of ripe red fruit, rounded out with the tang of Scottish rhubarb, and the lively fragrance of exotic lemongrass infused into his Award-Winning Lunun Gin. 


The ideal summery refresher (no matter the season!) that is so versatile that it can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail. Our favourite tipple? A generous measure in a glass of bubbly. 



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